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Winter Solstice Workshop ❄️

The winter solstice, also called Yule, is the longest night of the year and marks the sun at it's weakest point all year. It is from this moment when Sun is at its weakest that it can only grow stronger as time progresses and it reaches its peak strength at the summer solstice. It is the promise that things will get better. That days will be longer. That the sun will shine brightly again. The winter solstice is about renewal, turning points, and change.

Join us on the evening of Dec 19th, just as we launch into full blown celebration time, to get quiet and consider all that has passed, what has gotten us to this point, and to celebrate the promise of what is to come. We'll flow gently, meditate peacefully, and then celebrate vivaciously. The cider will be warm and the wine will be spiced as we bring the sun into our space with candles, a warm fire, and twinkling lights.

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