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Fall 2019 Yoga & Wellness Retreat!

We believe that realistic health is the key to true wellness. We believe that balance is better than dogma. We believe that trauma grows in the dark and that all the kale in the world wont heal you if you bury that trauma. Mostly, we believe that building and benefiting your community is the strongest way to increase your health and happiness. Our retreats combine our three core services—movement, health coaching, and home cooking—into one immersive experience designed to touch on all of these things. We’ll teach you skills that you can carry into your daily life. We’ll use yoga to increase self-love and build body awareness. We’ll dine under the stars warmed by a glowing fire. We’ll certainly drink way too much wine. We will laugh, we will cry, and we will build community to last a lifetime.

More information, schedule, and tickets here.