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Wellness & Balance with Triluna Wellness + Events by ILEA Nashville

If you’re in the event industry and want to further your career and network with likeminded people then this is the event for you!

Join us with ILEA on Tuesday April 23rd!

Did you know event planers rank as one of the top 5 most stressful jobs in America? Join the co-founders of TRILUNA Wellness, Elizabeth Moore and Ashley Brooke James, for an evening of relaxation and reflection. This unique experience combines meditation, health coaching, and a sample cooking class designed to refresh mind and body while leaving you with practical ways to take wellness into your everyday. The evening begins with a calming meditation class before moving into a healthy cooking workshop. Balanced wellness transforms from the inside out, so the focus of this evening will be on self-love and practical advice from teachers that believe in the importance of a realistic approach to health. Participants will walk away equipped with a new recipe and a new perspective on keeping you and your family healthy and happy while juggling the expectation of your work and at home.

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