Teach With Us

Whether it's as a regular contributor, one-off workshop collaboration or full-time employee we want to work with you. We love bringing in multiple healing modalities into a single workshop or including them in a curriculum. Curious about how we might work together? Shoot us an email at Elizabeth@TRILUNAwellness.com or fill out the form below.

Health Coach

As a health coach is it our job to be an on-going ally to our clients. As an ideal coach with TRILUNA you are an empathetic healer with a genuine passion for helping others. You believe in the power of balance and small sustainable adjustments over time that lead to big change. You would never be caught telling someone they need to go on a diet. You listen to the needs of the client, not the preconceived notions in your own mind. You are growth-oriented, direct and kind.



  • Relevant health coaching certification from a nationally recognized organization

  • 2 plus years of experience promoting health and wellness preferred unless able to prove track record in less time

  • Strong verbal and written and interpersonal communication and motivational interviewing skills

  • Time management skills are a must, wasting client time by being late or not showing up for a session is unacceptable

  • Ability to work collaboratively and independently

  • Ability to be flexible and adaptable to participants’ needs demonstrating a high level of professionalism and maturity

Yoga Teacher

As a yoga teacher you are so much more than a fitness instructor. You are a healer. We expect our teachers to be professional, show up on time, never miss a class and take their practice seriously. You must be able to "feel the class" and make adjustments to the energy level of the class accordingly. 



  • Ability to develop safe, healing and comprehensive classes that motivate clients to deepen their practice

  • Ability to make adjustment during class, teaching correct form and alternative poses

  • Must display above average time management skills and professionalism

  • Can provide information about different forms of Yoga and guide clients to the best version for their practice (even if not with us)

  • Can demonstrate active listening skill to clients answering questions, and engaging in conversation before and after classes

  • Willing to clean and organize the room after each class

  • Promotes TRILUNA's other healing services when appropriate in a way that is not pushy or intrusive


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