Healthier Employees Are Happier Employees.

TRILUNA seeks to help companies keep their employees, members and renters happy and healthy by providing comprehensive workshops, fitness classes and events designed to do more than powerpoint presentations and trust falls ever could. We provide hands-on, engaging, transformational wellness experiences so that your employees can do better work, be better co-workers and stay with your company longer.  


Holiday Workshops Are Here!

You know what’s better than someone’s aunt’s weird fruitcake sitting center stage at the company holiday party? Super relaxing restorative yoga followed by a pumpkin spice hot toddy––that’s what.

These workshops sells out fast so book yours before Linda from sales asks her aunt for that recipe card…

Lunch & Learns:

Powerpoint Presentations Are So Last Year.

Telling someone they need to drink more water or eat less sugar while wagging your finger at them from a podium is not a good way to create change. We take a different approach. Our lunch and learns are one hour workshops designed to spark conversation, inspire new ways of thinking, and engage your employees so they can begin to make realistic changes for the better. We are here to bring our best to the people that keep your company moving and growing so they can bring their best back to you.

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Recurring Fitness Classes:

Movement Is For Everyone.

We offer a wide variety of fitness, movement, and meditation classes ranging from restorative yoga to self-defense. We believe movement should be accessible to everyone so we cater our classes to your demographic, skill, and fitness level so we leave no man/woman behind.

Team Builders:

Wellness & Fun Combine To Build Camaraderie And Encourage Team Bonding.

We combine our services in unique and comprehensive ways to make wellness accessible and enjoyable. Whether it’s yoga and mimosas or a cooking competition we have an event to fit your culture.

View our full deck below for pricing and class options:

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